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Los Diamantes Business Park

Los Diamantes is a 38 acre business park created in unit 10 in Rio Rancho on Westside Blvd

In September 2013 the vision of Los
Diamantes was created. It is an assemblage
of approximately 170 acres buying land
from 72 different land owners. The Master
plan was approved in August 2015 by the
Governing Body of Rio Rancho unanimously.

The goal was to have a live, work, play
community in Southern Rio Rancho close
to schools, hospitals, and Albuquerque. The
38.65 acre Business Park is for the WORK.
The 494 lots is for the LIVE and the many
Parks and Trails is for the PLAY.

The developer, Pierre Amestoy, saw the vision that I presented to him and turned it into a REALITY. We invite you to join us in this marvelous Community by locating your Business or Corporate Headquarters here. Prices start at $6 per Sq.Ft. with minimum 1 acre divisions.
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Los Diamantes sits one mile west of Rust Presbyterian Medical center which sits along Unser Blvd. The business park was created on a site of 170 total acres which consists of over 500 homes which are now selling quickly and are offered by Pulte, DR Horton, and Hakes Brothers. Adjacent to the site is the brand new Joe Harris Elementary School with a new proposed Rio Rancho High School on a 100 acre site just west of the project

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(505) 239-8833

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(505) 259-8988

Associate Broker/Co-Owner

(505) 239-9738