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Shopping in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

New stores are opening almost every week as Rio Rancho continues to grow. 

Even though Rio Rancho is the third largest city in New Mexico, it retains a quaint, almost small-town shopping experience.  Many of the businesses in Rio Rancho are owned by neighbors and friends— people you may later see at the grocery store, or church, or the park. In the City of Vision, one can enjoy award-winning restaurants, or patronize Rio Rancho’s own old-fashioned butcher shop.  That isn’t to say that the popular and familiar national chains are sparse, on the contrary; Rio Rancho now has premium shopping locations within a ten minute drive from anywhere in the city.  From one end to the other, quality family entertainment: bowling, cinema, live events, sports, ice skating, and much more, await at one’s fingertips— all with a genuine small-town ambiance.

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