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Rio Rancho’s Department Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: The mission of the City of Rio Rancho’s Department of Parks, Recreation, & Community Services is to create and maintain spaces and activities that grow a greater sense of community and enhance the quality of life for its residents.
Vision & Core Values: Through spirited service and a can-do attitude, the City of Rancho’s Department of Parks, Recreation, & Community Services provides quality and diverse recreation and educational programming, cultural and enjoyable opportunities, senior services, para-transit services, community centers, trails, parks, and an open space network for all residents.

  1. Quality in Everything We Do – We are committed to excellence in the field of parks, recreation, and community and senior services
  2. Unified Vision – We are committed to our quest to enhance the sense of community and the quality of the life in Rio Rancho with a singleness of purpose and clarity of direction
  3. Effective Leadership – We are committed to working creatively and competently with thoughtful and inspirational guidance and leadership
  4. Service – We are committed to being responsible to the community by developing trust and improving communication
  5. Team Work – We are committed to embracing everyone’s contribution and developing our team to its fullest potential
  6. Community – We are committed to involving community members and businesses at every turn in the processes of planning, funding and creating new facilities and programs

The Parks, Recreation and Community Services team is extremely proud of the department’s accomplishments and recognizes the devotion, support and creativity that are put together each and every year by the employees of the six divisions within. 

Parks, Bike Paths, & Open trails 

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