Buying and Selling Commercial Real Estate – Do you need a broker?

We live in a do-it-yourself society where most people tend to believe they can do almost anything themselves, especially with all the information available online on how to tackle projects on your own. However, buying and selling real estate may not be one of them.Commercial real estate experts are experienced in every aspect of the real estate industry and know all the “ins and outs” with something as complex as buying and selling commercial real estate.

A business professional in almost any business will eventually need to purchase or lease property at some point in their careers. The safest way to facilitate these major business decisions is with a commercial real estate broker.

Three important points:

  1. The right space – it is crucial for any business to find the correct space that works for your company, suits your budget and space requirements. Experienced brokers know how to look and where to look—two very important points that will assist the owner in finding the right spot for their business needs.
  2. The right price– good negotiating skills are a commercial broker’s specialty and it is their goal in the negotiating process to settle on the best possible terms of sale or lease in order to obtain the best deal for the right space.
  3. Assist the business owner – many business owners believe they can search for properties and handle their own negotiations for their own commercial space. However, commercial brokers have the expertise when it comes to searching out properties available and negotiating deals for you. They will steer you away from any deals that don’t look promising and will negotiate the best deal with the most value for your business.

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